My Paralyzed Paradise

A poem by Tim Cunningham. This poem was written by him after Peterloo massacre in 1819. Fifteen deaths and more than 700 non fatal injuries, this massacre became one of the defining moments of its age. Kashmir has seen worse than this. People died, people are dying. No words, no posts, no images can explain the pain and misery we are going through or we have been through. Kashmir has plunged into irretrievable chaos, there seems no light at the end of the tunnel. We are falling, falling for dark.
P.S:- I am still hopeful for a better tomorrow, a peaceful tomorrow. Though the loss cannot be compensated cannot be measured but I am still hopeful for a better tomorrow. My people will live their dreams one day. We will fly again. Sun will rise again. Kashmir will rise again.


She is elegant, soft and warm I do not understand how the world is not in love with you. I have fallen. Why don’t people fall…..